From Montaguto to Toronto, here’s the first “International” TG in dialect all over the world

MONTAGUTO (AV) – In Montaguto, a small Italian town with no more than 400 residents, is born a telecast in dialect transmitted all over the world on its portal The “Montaguto TG in Dialect” is followed by thousands of people, most of all overseas and throughout Europe, and from most of the communities of montagutesi, very much around the USA, Canada and Australia.

The Canadian anchorman Domenico “Minguccio” Del Core will read the English version of the news cast for all their viewers that reside away from Italy and don’t understand the dialect.

It is the first time ever in the world of media that such experiments has been tried, which will try and unite the community of Montaguto with the rest of the world., the newspaper on line from the little town in the Irpinia region, is enjoying a large audience throughout the word thanks to all the emigrated Montagutesi.

Michele Pilla and Francesco Mascolo from the Italian division and Minguccio Del Core from Canada will both be on line for the telecast two times a month with the Montaguto TG in dialect. We want to bring to light all the beauty of our hometown and those that sorround us. This is also beeing done to keep the bond of the “third Generation”, for those that have grandparent and parets origianaly from Italy but dont understand the language.




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