Tra le pagine del forum, oggi il nostro amico Giovannino di Bologna ha pubblicato un intervento divertente e, allo stesso tempo, molto interessante. E lo pubblichiamo volentieri in home page:
"E ancora una volta…grazie Montaguto! Forse stavolta per un motivo un po’ banale, ma grazie a Montaguto sono riuscito a prendere sei all’orale di inglese! Beh, che dire? Grazie ancora, Montaguto!
Questa è la mia "relazione" su cui sono stato interrogato, in lingua inglese: Montaguto is a small mountain village. the country has nearly 500 residents, even if the summer is a great tourist destination for many people

Along the road that leads to the country there’s a forest of oaks. Near the Madonnina,a small statue in honor of the Virgin Mary, there’s a street that leads to a beautiful pine forest and there is also a small lake and a fountain. The area is well equipped for the picnic. Furthermore, there is also a soccer field where every summer there are tournaments.
Between 10 and August 15 the country celebrates the feast of the patron San Crescenzo. The 23 of August tHey usually do a party in the woods next to the madoninna, where there is music, dancing and tHey eat sandwiches with sausage.
children spend many summer afternoons playing football with friends or they go to pub to eat pizza or drink a few appetizer, the main meeting place is the fountain which is located near the main square, where you can drink fresh water source.
Montaguto gives us a beautiful landscape, you can see the neighbors and all the Green of the mountain. In the country there’s a street that climb the mountain and brings us to the sources. Here is the fisher park a small pond where you can fish for trout. He wooden house of fisher park has a bar and fishing equipment available for hire little further there’s a huge open space of green, next to the fountain of the source where tHey often organize pick-nick.
This place is usually the destinationl of many children of the country, because on the night of san lorenzo theY can admire a beautiful starry sky".

Giovanni Vecchiarino

2009-04-04 18:53:22


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